About 5 years ago

11/19/2018 - Yes, You’re Hired. No, We Don’t Need to Meet You First.

– The Wall Street Journal
Eager employers trying to lure workers in the tightest job market since 1969 are hiring some candidates sight unseen, at times after one phone interview. The practice has become most common in seasonal work, particularly retail, although it is spreading among certain in-demand white-collar roles, such as engineers, IT professionals and teachers.
As the unemployment rate sits at just 3.7%, employers are getting so desperate for talent that they’re throwing hiring parties with free food and swag to lure in new talent.

Bloomberg, Schultz And Others Can’t Repeat Trump’s White House Win

– The Hill
Former White House staffer Douglas MacKinnon discusses the unlikelihood of a win for future CEOs considering presidential runs in the 2020 election.
– Bloomberg
Research shows that many Americans will buy fresh food on the web for the first time during the holiday eating season.