About 4 years ago

05/16/2019 - Walmart Says Customers Will Pay More After Trump’s Tariffs

– Bloomberg
Walmart’s response to potential higher levies will likely set the tone for other discount retailers, and its decisions on whether to pass along or absorb the additional costs will have ripple effects on American consumers.
 Bloomberg Law
Workers could lose a federal labor law’s protections against employer retaliation for filing lawsuits or administrative claims if the National Labor Relations Board agrees with its general counsel in a pending case involving a California construction firm.
– Forbes
Freelancers, the flag bearers of the gig economy, comprise 36 percent of the U.S. workforce, according to a survey conducted by UpWork and the Freelancers Union, and it is expected that over the coming years, freelancers will represent over half of the American working class.
– The Wall Street Journal
Fast-food giant is streamlining operations in face of franchisee frustration.