About 4 years ago

03/12/2019 - NYC Council Bill Would Provide Free Legal Help To Businesses Facing Eviction

– The Washington Post
Here is the NY City Council essentially blaming landlords if businesses can’t make ends meet – not the myriad of anti-business bills they pass every single day.
 The New York Times
As shareholders head toward the company’s annual meeting on March 20, there is a cloud on the horizon: the risk that latte lovers will punish Starbucks because they are turned off by Howard Schultz’s prospective campaign for president.
– The Wall Street Journal
Smaller markets are seen driving growth, but challenges remain, such as finding drivers, changing consumer attitudes and managing costs.
– Bloomberg
A provision of the Affordable Care Act that is strongly supported by Donald Trump’s administration requires calorie labels at U.S. chain restaurants. The basic idea is that if consumers are informed, they will reduce their calorie consumption – and improve their health.