About 4 years ago

03/11/2019 - Workers Suddenly Have More Power To Demand Higher Pay And Better Jobs

– The Washington Post
Workers are receiving the fattest wage increases since the Great Recession as employers struggle to find enough people to fill their ranks and employees have more leverage to demand higher pay and jump to better jobs.
 The Wall Street Journal
Food companies are experimenting with autonomous delivery to reduce the high costs and headaches of door-to-door service. But the robots aren’t riding to the rescue any time soon.
– The Atlantic
Companies in search of workers in today’s tight labor market are increasingly

Economists are trying to understand the steady decline of non-college-educated men in the labor market.
– The Washington Post
In a book released earlier this year, ahead of his potential presidential campaign, Schultz acknowledged he was wrong to think the lessons he took from running Starbucks could be applied to running the Sonics.