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03/13/2019 - The Overlooked, Bleak Future Of Work For Women

– Axios
The most visible faces in the predicted coming wave of job displacement belong to the likes of factory workers and truck drivers – primarily men threatened by robots and AI. But the wave will crash harder over women, who do the majority of highly automatable jobs. Policymakers thus far appear blind to the coming job losses for women, experts say, and risk putting in place training programs and safety nets that mainly rescue men.
The revenue, he said, should be used to plug the budget deficit – a different goal from Democrats, who want to use the revenue raised on federal health and child-care programs, among other things.
– The Atlantic
They chose it because Milwaukee, like so many places in the U.S., has struggled as the economy has changed; it’s a city of immigrants that was known not only as the Beer Capital, but as the Machine Shop of the World. They also chose it because the state, which the president won in 2016, seems up for grabs, neither solidly blue nor solidly Trump country.
– Nation’s Restaurant News
Hiring and promotions are the two biggest levers for changing the representation of women in the workforce, yet women remain underrepresented across the corporate pipeline, according to the 2018 “Women in the Workplace” report by McKinsey & Company.