About 6 years ago

03/05/2017 - Working Lunch podcast Episode 3, “Ivankaleave”

Working Lunch: Trump and Yum! elevate paid family leave talk
On this week’s Working Lunch podcast, the Align Public Strategies team takes a closer look at the national conversation over paid family leave. Who’s winning? Who’s losing? And how events this week like President Trump’s message to Congress and Yum! Brands’s decision to expand the benefit could lead to future legislative changes and internal pressures around the country.
Show rundown by minute:
Trump on paid leave (Ivankaleave): 1:30
“Losing the conversation: 3:55
Smart play by Yum!: 5:08
National Day Without Women: 8:55
Top Items: 15:27
Paul Revere: 18:30
Meatless Burger: 20:42working-lunch-cover